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Jesus Christ – Do you know Him?

You were created to know God in a personal way—to have a relationship with Him, through His Son, Jesus Christ. How do you start a relationship with God?

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Jesus Christ is still saving and changing lives today.

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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the Potter’s House Enfield website

The Enfield Potters House Church is part of a worldwide fellowship of more than 2,300 churches. We started in March 2009 and have since; by His grace; grown into o a regular core of believers that are making a tangible impact on the community. We seek to do the will of God in reaching out to the lost and leading people to come to know Christ and realise God’s destiny for their life!


There are many reasons why people visit Christian and Chruch websites.

  • Perhaps you’re wondering whether or not your life counts, and for what purpose.
  • Maybe you’ve just experienced another broken relationship and are wondering, “does anyone really care?” or “what is love anyway?”
  • Perhaps you have just moved to London Borough of Enfield and are looking for an evangelistic church?

Whatever your reasons, thank you for taking the time to visit us. We have designed this website with you in mind so, take a look  round our website and find out who we are, what we are all about and how you can contact us if you want to get involved.

However,  to truly experience God’s transforming power, there is no substitute to coming along to one of our services or Bible studies and  you will find details of these on our website too.

We pray we see you soon!!

Pastor Laty Sanusi



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What is the End-times

What is the End-times? The “End-times” is a period prior to the return of Christ (The Messiah) when God deals with the world in judgment.  This period is known by several names including “The day of the Lord”[1], “The Tribulation”[2], “Time of Jacob’s Trouble”[3] and “Daniel’s 70th Week” [4]. According to the books of Daniel and…

God Heals

Miracles and Healings happen on purpose not by chance. Supernatural miracles and healings are a fact of life. They are even more prevalent today than during Bible times. Why? Jesus said, “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than…

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